What is AJO (AcceptJobOffer)
AJO is the Portal for giving Job Offer to candidate, obtaining acceptance and joining.
AJO is accessible to all Recruiters of Companies, MNCs and Staffing / Consultancies.
AJO promotes honesty and professionalism in the job offer acceptance and joining, which requires candidates and companies to honour their professional commitments. The use of AJO Platform benefits the recruiters and candidates alike.
Interview Process

Company is interviewing 20 candidates for a job vacancy

Company finalizes the candidate and gives job offer

Candidate accepts offer.
Company stops interviewing.

Candidate resigns and serves notice period of 4 weeks.

Candidate informs that he/she has joined another company.

7 weeks are wasted!

Company needs to start the interview process again!

Real Damage to the Organization
Huge Loss of Time

For interviewing 20 candidates:

There is a panel of Senior people in the company who have to conduct these multiple rounds of interviews.

Broken Expectations

The Project Manager explains the project work and the exciting role to the candidate.

The candidate promises to join as per offer letter.

When the candidate breaks their promise, it shatters trust in the candidate's words.

Damage to Project

The project work needs to be continued.

Hence, the candidate is required to join definitely.

When the candidate breaks commitment, it gives a setback to the project with real damages.

As a Candidate, What Should I Do?

Don’t accept the job offer

If you know that you would not join the organization, then do not accept the offer letter.

Be honest.
This would really help the organization; and you would also avoid a negative feedback on your profile.

If you are having doubts after accepting the offer:

Discuss it honestly with the Recruiter.
A good recruiter will listen to you and understand your point of view.

Be Professional:

If you have accepted the offer letter, then you should receive the phone calls of your recruiter and reply to their emails promptly.

If you receive a better job offer:

Then it is your decision to accept or decline it.

Discuss it honestly with the Recruiter.
Do understand that the organization may suffer damage due to your backout.

Accept the job offer:

Only if you are absolutely sure of joining the organization.